yamunaantharangam shortfilm

Yamunaantharangam a short film about ‘Give way to Ambulance’
saving time may saving life….it may of Our Relations’….or Ours

Title refers a blend of Yamuna River Antharangam means mindset when “Yamuna River gives a way to Vasudeva with Lord Sri Krishna”…..like that we should give way to
Tharangam means spread the waves of awareness this good thing….

When you hear or see an Emergency Vehicle coming behind you, here is what you must do:

a) Do not slam on the brakes or pull over suddenly. Check your rear-view mirror; look in front and on both sides of your vehicle. React quickly, but calmly before pulling over and use your turn signals.

b) On a two-way road, traffic traveling in both directions must pull over and stop as close as possible to the left-hand side of the road and clear of any intersection.

c) On a one-way road with more than two lanes, stop as close as possible to the nearest edge of the road and clear of any intersection.

d) Wait until the emergency vehicle has passed. Stay alert and look for more than one emergency vehicle approaching. Check to make sure the way is clear and signal before merging back into traffic.

e) On multi-lane highways, many times an emergency vehicle will use the shoulder of the road if all the lanes are blocked. Don’t block the shoulder.

f) Never follow or try to outrun an emergency vehicle.
Pedestrians and cyclists are also required to get out of the way for an emergency vehicle. Cyclists must pull as far to the left as possible. Pedestrians on or crossing the road must get off the road as quickly as possible. Do not cross in front of an emergency vehicle – stay on the sidewalk or at the side of the road until the emergency vehicle has passed.

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