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How to Start Scrubber Manufacturing and Making Business at Home and Earn money | Steel Scrubber Packaging Machine and Manufacturing Machine with low budgent| తక్కువ పెట్టుబడి తో వ్యాపారానికి సంబంధించిన ideas | home business ideas | in telugu
Best MSME Business ideas in telugu

Hello friends this video will explain you Scrubber Business completely starting to End.This is a Home based small business ideas,Anyone can start this business from home also with very low space.This product demand is very high in Market,and also Low competition.You can sell This Product to Retailer,Whole seller,Distributor and make high profits.

Machine raw materiel suppliers contact details:


In Detailed and Price:
5 head Scrubber machine 4 lakhs +18%gst + transportation extra
4 head machine heavy-duty fully professional machine @3.5 lakh
Ss and gi Rawmaterial bobbin
Ss-stainless steel-galvinized iron
2 quality rawmaterial available ga untundhi market loo
Ss scrubber blakish untadhi
Gi scrubber whitish untadhi
Ss-scrubber gurenchi
Per kg ss- scrubber rawmaterial 430 grade wire 140to150 kg including gst to available ga untundhi
Per hour production 10 kgs x 8 hours = 80 kgs
150 per kg ss- scrubber material ni scrubber ka marchi 240 rupees per kg ga market loo sale chasthunamu
Rawmaterial 150 x 80 kgs=12,000 rupees
Manam sale chasthunamu 240 per kg
240 x 80 kgs = 19,200
80 kgs ki investment amount just 12000 rupees
Aadhe 80 kgs ne oka product ga chasi manam 240 per kg sale chasthunamu
19,200-12000=7,200 profit
Only 1 day profit
Indhuloo nundi daily rent+ labour charge+ power bill+ transportation+phone bill+ food+byke petrol+ girlfriend charges evanitiki oka 3200 rupees teesenaa 4000 thousand rupees migilipotundhi
4000 x 30 days 1,20,000/-
Anni karchulu ponu manaki intha migilipotundhi
Just daily 8 hours work chasthe 1,20,000 rupees sampadinchavachu
1 shift ki 8 hours
Daily 2 shift work chasthe 2,40,000 profit
Okavelaa daily 3 shifts work chasthe 3,60,000 profit
Machine capacity 24×7 working
Bobbin ani antharu market loo 5kg 10kg 15kg20kg 25kg loo available untundhi
Scrubber loo 5 grams,7 grams,10,grams,13grams,15grams,20grams,25grams,30grams,35grams,40grams,50grams loo market loo available ga unthai
30 to 50 grams stars hotels loo vadutaru
Intloo vadukunedhi 5 to 25 grams varaku

Manual Scrubber Packing
Per hour u can pack upto 100 sheets
Single Phase current
Easy to operate
one year warrenty for heaters
Price around 35,000 to 40,000 for manual machine
Automatic machine around 70k to 80k.
we can pack scrubber,dry fruits,masalas Ect,
Scrubber packing Business:
Required materal is blister sheets,cups,raw scrubber all are available with company.

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